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SKU: DPP-14101
12 Architect Triangular Solid Scale
SKU: DPP-14101

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Product Notes:
HIGH-QUALITY ALUMINUM DRAFTING SCALE - length of architecture drafting scale is 12 Inches
PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECT SCALE - scale has an executive look and feel and has been widely used and accepted as a must-have tool by drafting professionals and architecture students
SOLID-CORE ARCHICTURE DRAFTIG SCALE - Calibrations of architect scale are 16, (1/8, 1/4), (1/2, 1), (3/8, 3/4), (3, 1 1/2) and (3/32, 3/16)
DRAFTING SCALE - high-quality extruded aluminum scale is imprinted using photo anodizing process that makes for a uniform finish and color, through this process calibrations become a permanent part of the aluminum and will not wear off over time
ALUMICOLOR IS QUALITY - made with the highest quality extruded aluminum all scales have smooth edges and are calibrated to exact specifications, scales feature a solid core and will stand the test of time

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